Sunday, October 7, 2012

Positivity Bubble

That's it. I'm creating a positivity bubble and I'm going to live in it for the next few years, at least. Probably longer. What is up with people whining and only saying negative things about having/raising babies. For example:

"Get lots of sleep now because you'll never sleep again"
"Enjoy time with your husband before the baby gets here, because afterwards you'll be too tired and busy"
"Take the epidural. Trust me."

I really wish I had a clever one-liner that I could respond with. 

Thanks for pointing out that my life is going to be different after the baby is born, and that I will have to make sacrifices, and that there might be some pain involved. I really appreciate all the advice, but just so you know, I have already suffered and sacrificed and changed my life just to get pregnant. If all you get from your kids is pain and inconvenience, then you were obviously not in the same place I was before having them. 

I swear I only hear one positive or encouraging thing for every twenty annoying negative remarks. I think people in our society have been conditioned to take this negative perspective because for some reason it is better to be independent and free versus responsible for/dependent on another person. It is better to never feel pain, even if it has a purpose that brings great joy. Ultimately, being free of responsibility and pain is impossible, so you end up thinking your life sucks. I refuse to set myself up for that.