Friday, November 2, 2012


Almost 38 weeks. I know she'll be here before we know it, but at the same time I have no patience left. Let's do this already!

I lost my mucous plug last weekend after taking a bath, and had the whole "bloody show" which lasted a couple of days... but I feel no contractions other than some sporradic Braxton Hicks. The midwife said baby was "engaged" but didn't check my situation down there even though I told her I was now unplugged. I was miffed by this, until someone explained that they try not to do internal checks until the last possible moment because of the risk of infection. Hmm, ok.

Looking back on the last 9 months, I must say this has been a spectacularly easy pregnancy, especially considering how spectacularly difficult it was to get that far.

Things I thought I could not avoid, but have managed to avoid:

1) Heartburn
2) Crazy weight gain and feeling like a whale. I am thankful for my good genes in this regard
3) Being uncontrollably emotional (I have managed to control my emotions to the extent that I can wait to have my manic depressive episodes in private).

Things I thought I could avoid, but have failed:

1) Hemorrhoids. Yup. They do not hurt, but I do not like them one bit.
2) Cankles. Huge, pudgy, permanent cankles.
3) Belly hair. I am generally a hairless person so didn't expect the thick layer of fuzz, but it's kinda cute and it keeps me warm.

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