Wednesday, January 23, 2013

EXPOSED: Post-Baby Bod

As an aspiring preggo, I often wondered what my body would be like after the unlikely event of actually having a child. It was more curiosity than trepidation, but I have to admit I am relieved at how well I have recovered. 10 weeks post-delivery I thought I would share what things have been like for me, for my own record, but also in case anyone is interested in some exposing pics. 

As you can see in Exhibit A, I have some awesome pink stretch marks just above my pelvic bone. Hubbs calls these my "lightning bolts". They were red at first, so methinks they are slowly fading. They don't really bother me and it's cool to have lightning on your belly.

Exhibit A - Frontal view

Exhibit B shows a side view of my still very much protruding abdomen. I never had the flattest belly to begin with, but this is a bit more bulgy than I recall. It will take some work (and a lot of ab crunches) to get this gut back in shape. However, I can report that my legs are as thin as they ever were, and my arms are even more toned from holding baby all day long.

Exhibit B - Side view

Although I weigh about the same amount as before, I have definitely lost a lot of muscle mass and am generally jelly-like. I gained a total of 23 pounds during my pregnancy and lost it (without celebrity dieting or exercise) as follows:

Birth - 10 pounds
Month 1 - 2 pounds per week
Month 2 - 1 pound per week

Some other stats for comparison:

Age = 27
Weight = 135 lbs
Pant size = 6/8
Bra Size = 32E

10 weeks post babe:
Age = 28
Weight = 135 lbs
Pant size = 8/10
Bra Size = 34G

On a random note, my shoe size went up from 6.5 to 7 when I was pregnant, but now has shrunk back down. Phew! Wouldn't want to lose all my fabulous shoes.

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  1. Just so you know, you look awesome!! My stretch marks from the first are still dark red, but I swear, they're like 1/2 inch deep, so I don't think they'll ever fade. And you cracked me up with your "it's cool to have lightning on your belly."