Friday, April 19, 2013

And we're back

It has been a while since I've logged into my blogger account. I felt the urge to check things out yesterday and when I clicked on my stats, I saw that this blog has just passed its 10,000th hit. That's pretty cool!

Although it's great to see so many people visit this page, I still feel that this is a place for me to write what I want, when I want to. And all of a sudden, I feel like I have a lot to write about, and finally some time and energy to do so.

I recognize that I have "readers", whether regular or occasional, so I want to let my dear readers know that my blog will be somewhat different going forward.

Things have changed since I started here three years ago. I have gone from desperate child-less infertile to a mother of an awesome baby girl. Though my fertility problems were never diagnosed and cured (i.e. we still don't know whether I will be able to have any more children), my attitude towards life has somewhat improved. Also, the things that occupy my day have changed, at least temporarily. Lately I've gone from checking pee sticks to checking for pee on my clothes; from observing cervical mucus to wiping snot; from miscarrying a baby to carrying a really heavy baby; from... you get the picture.

So yes, this is going to be a "mommy blog" of sorts, but I promise to be as sarcastic and cynical as ever. I also promise that this won't be a "look what my kid can do" blog. I hope some of you will continue to read, but regardless, I will continue to write =)

My next blog entry topic will be on our cloth diapering adventure. Stay tuned to find out whether it has turned out to be a great success or epic failure...


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