Friday, December 23, 2011

Welcome, ICLW'ers (and please help me decide what to do)

Hello old friends and new ones,

[Please read on to see how you can be part of my major life decisions]

This is only the second time I have done ICLW, and although it is definitely time consuming, I think I should do it more often. First of all, it gets me to expand my reading horizons a bit and I've stumbled across some new and interesting blogs that I otherwise would not have seen. Secondly, it gets more people to read this blog, which makes me feel less ronery (shout-out to Kim Jong Il).

Where am I going with this? Ok, the fact that lots of people are stopping by this week is perfect timing for you all to participate in an important decision I have been pondering over the last week.

With my 3rd miscarriage I finally qualified for "recurrent pregnancy loss" testing. I have done all of the tests, and they have all come back normal, except I still have two missing pieces of information:

1. the results of genetic karyotyping from miscarriage #3; and
2. a hysteroscopy scheduled for January which would rule out any physical uterine abnormalities.

So, at this point, I believe that I don't have any auto-immune or blood clotting issues (woot!), and that I probably don't have PCOS/hormonal problems. The only possible issues out there are genetic or physical, and I really don't have any reason to suspect the physical ones. I would actually put my money on the miscarriages being the result of genetic issues. It's what makes the most sense given how early on they were.

So the question is: DO WE TTC THIS CYCLE?

If we do, we might get knocked up again and not be able to do the hysteroscopy in January, and I might have another miscarriage and put everything back another 6 months. If we don't TTC, we can do the hysteroscopy and maybe get some clomid to increase the quality of my eggs. Oh, but I reeeeeeally hate waiting!



  1. Hi! Here from ICLW. I vote for not TTC this cycle. My 2nd miscarriage was in Sept and I've been impatiently on hold since then as we go through testing. Waiting sucks but it would be worse to go through the pain of a loss again.

    Ok, now I'm changing my mind as I'm reading your post again. They've already cleared you for so many things. Agh, I don't know!

  2. Hi! Found you on ICLW...sorry to read about your miscarriages. I hate waiting, so if I were in your shoes I wouldn't try this cycle. Either way it goes I hope you get answers!

  3. I vote No on TTC this month. And don't rule out physiological issues. They're far more common than genetic ones.
    Either way - more answers = more peace of mind for next time, so I think you should hold off until you have some answers.
    Good luck!

  4. Wish I could give an intelligent opinion. I am certainly rooting for you. I stumbled across the corner of the blogosphere by accident and wish all of you the best of luck. I have a satire blog, , and a poetry blog, , if you are interested.

  5. Def vote no TTC this month. As crappy as the waiting game is, I think another possible miscarriage is so much difficult. Good luck in whatever you decide though! ICLW #32

  6. I vote wait. I know how hard it is, but more information is better than less, and it's such a short wait in the big picture although it doesn't seem like it now.

  7. ICLW 89. Another blog I read refers to internet commenter decision making as "crowd sourcing" his actions. I think it's always good to get a second, or third, or even forty-fifth opinion. Hope you are able to draw on the collective wisdom of the internet to get comfortable with whatever decision you make.