Thursday, December 1, 2011

Well that was anti-climactic

I had an inkling this would happen. I went to the doctor today expecting to discuss the karyotype test results from the last miscarriage. That was the purpose of this appointment. They didn't have the results.

I don't know what is wrong with people. Maybe I should have called ahead to confirm.


So I got to see the doctor anyway - on time even!! She is sending us for the pregnancy loss work-up regardless of those pending results. So I have some blood to give on day 3 and a hysteroscopy to attend. The hubbs will give blood too, so we can test for any genetic incompatibilities. He's pretty disappointed there won't be a semen anlysis, but I told him he can jerk off in the blood lab anyway, if he really wants to.

So it's not a total loss. We get to do these tests in the meantime, which I really want to do in order to rule out any possible issues, as unlikely as they may be... unlikely things tend to happen to me, it seems.

She confirmed the next steps will likely involve Clomid and progesterone. I also had a chat with her about the thyroid issue. She confirmed it could actually be what caused the miscarriages, and that studies have shown even sub-clinical hypothyroidism is related to pregnancy loss. Grrrrreat.

So those are the facts, ma'am. What to make of them? Obviously, I am as impatient as ever. These tests will take at least another month. Who knows when my next cycle will start after that. Bah.

But I see the many positives here. We are covering all the bases. There will be treatment involving marvelous modern medicine. We have time to see if the synthroid will possibly make my cycles more normal on their own. I can drink and be merry as much as I want this holiday season. I can ski this winter. Would I trade all of that for a baby? Yes.

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