Friday, March 11, 2011

Yeah, baby! ...not quite

Ok, I don't know if it's the new diet or just pure luck, but YEAH BABY! We have ovulation!! Not to mention it's on CD 32, which is like, unheard of. That means this cycle will be around 45 days long. I have never gone below 60 days.

The "not quite" part in the blog title refers to the fact that, as you perverts may have already noticed, there was no BD'ing anywhere near the big O on account of hubbs being away. I suppose I could have BD'ed with someone else here, but would rather not.

So definitely no chance of a kitten this time around, but we're making progress!


  1. Yay! and Darn!
    But good! We like progress. Progress is our friend.
    I know unsolicited and most likely "heard it a thousand times" advice is probably grating on your nerves by now - but have you done the acupuncture thing yet? I just started a few weeks ago and there is already significant change (for the better) in my cycle. Yes it can come across as froofy BS. But there's sound science behind it too! Since you and I are basically in the same two-time club, hormonally effed-up boat, I figured it wouldn't hurt to mention it. :-)

  2. Thanks - yeah, I have thought about acupuncture, just haven't gotten around to trying it yet. I have a hard time keeping daytime appointments due to the unpredictability of work, so having multiple sessions will be difficult, but it's on my list!