Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Clomid Cycle 1 Update

A brief summary of this first (and hopefully last??) Clomid cycle.
  • Side effects: given the low dose (50mg), it is not surprising that I didn't feel much in the way of side effects. I was most concerned about the effect it might have on my CM, but at this moment it looks like quite the opposite is occuring. Throw these eggwhites into the frying pan! Gross? Maybe a little.
  • Did it work? Complicated question. I did not ovulate on CD14 as hoped. However, I am now on CD24 with very promising CM and if I ovulate in the next week it will still be the earliest ever for me. This morning my temp took a huge dip and I hope that's a "pre-ovulation dip". Better get busy in the sack! 
I guess this all brings up the question of whether I should increase the dosage for next cycle if I don't get pregnant this time. Probably yes. Or perhaps I will inquire about a trigger shot to get that egg down sooner (thanks for that tip, Amy).

So that's the update so far. Hopefully I will ovulate soon and then we will go through a similar evaluation with the progesterone suppositories. Though I have a feeling those will be way more fun interesting.

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