Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shit Infertiles Say

Before you get all up in my face, let's be clear: I do not enjoy the never-ending stream of "Shit _____ say" memes flooding the interwebs. The first one was funny, and there may be some other good ones, but it's pretty annoying at this point.

Having said that... =)

Out of curiosity, I searched for "Shit Infertiles Say" and got zero hits*! Seriously? If I had the money, time, and directorial and filmmaking skills (Mo - maybe you could pitch in for those?), I would make a pretty great "Shit Infertiles Say" video!

So many ideas rushing through my head right now.

"I thought I was having early pregnancy cramps, but it was just that enchillada I had for lunch."

"Wow, they really do look like eggwhites!"

"I can't believe that crack whore is pushing a twin stroller. Not fair."

"I thought I was ovulating, but it was just that enchillada I had for lunch."

"Must. Stop. Eating. To Fill. Emotional. Void."

"I can't go to the party tonight, my ovaries are hyper-stimulated."

"I thought I was finally getting my period, but it was just that enchillada I had for lunch."

and the most comical/enraging of all...


*if someone already did make this meme and I was too dumb to find it, please correct me.

P.S. I would love to hear more ideas for this video. I think there's great potential here.


  1. "My DH and I BD and no BFP, wtf?" (ya, I suck at jokes, but can't miss the obvious acronym joke, ask someone funnier for help).

    I'm starting my first clomid cycle after 3 mc's in about five days... thinking of you.

    1. Actually, I find that pretty hilarious! I hope the clomid works for you. I am on day 4 of it now, and so far only mild side effects =)

    2. Yeah I like that one!

      "I buy my pregnancy tests online in bulk."

      "I'm not going to any fucking baby showers."

      "No! Not THAT lube! Use the PRE-SEED dammit!"

      Husbands: "We have to have sex AGAIN???"