Thursday, April 5, 2012

Been a bad kitty

Things I have done during this pregnancy that will surely cause a miscarriage:

1. Eaten sushi (yes, of the raw fish variety)
2. Eaten cured meat
3. Gone skiing
4. Consumed caffeine
5. Had the flu for 2 weeks
6. Lifted heavy things
7. Been constantly stressed at work
8. Forgotten to take my vitamins
9. Inhaled second hand smoke
10. Consumed alcohol

That just about covers it, right? These are not things I have done every day. Most of them happened only once, and in small doses. Some of them were totally beyond my control (like getting the flu and inhaling cigarette smoke). I just don't have the energy to be perfect. Of course, I am going to try my hardest to eliminate these things going forward. But you know what, I avoided ALL OF THEM the last three times and it didn't make any difference.


  1. You know what? If these things were that horrific the human race would never have progressed :) What were people doing 50 years ago? Exactly. I'm not being reckless but you know what? The sip I took of my husband's beer the other day is not going to spell doom for my baby! I think you have a really healthy perspective on this. Most problems happen for bigger reasons than the choices we make.