Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's alive!!

Muhahahahah IT'S ALIVE!!! IT'S ALIVE!!!

Heart beat = 134 bpm

Measuring 7 weeks

Let us praise ceiling cat.

I am obviously very excited about this. It's the farthest we have ever come and I am starting to feel slightly less apocalyptic about my universe. I should, however, tell you some of the other things that happened today.

First Thing: I left my cell phone at home today, which is always a bit stressful because it means I can't play Words With Friends throughout the day. But as if that wasn't enough, I come home this evening to discover 6 missed calls... from the HOSPITAL. 3 voicemails. Jebus.

It turned out it was someone from the pregnancy loss clinic calling me to set up an appointment for a repeat pregnancy loss plan. Ok... not as bad as it could have been (like someone in my family got hit by a car or something), but still rather OMINOUS on the day I am getting my ultrasound. They left 3 messages because they got cut off the first time, and then the second time left the wrong appointment time. Whatever. I hope to never attend there.

Second Thing: When I finally got to the ultrasound appointment at 7:30pm, I had to go through the usual rigmarole with the tech about "how many pregnancies have you had", "oh so you have three kids already?", "oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Do they know what's wrong?", "oh... well I guess we'll just do the scan now". The poor girl's face was paler than mine by the time we got through the questions (and she was Indian, so that's realllllly pale). Anyway, she proceeds to do the scan and everything is fine. Finally, at the very end she hands me the printout picture and says, "So glad it's looking good. You're my first normal scan of the day."

= |  GULP

Seriously? I had to get the bad luck tech?? Bah, don't care, it turned out ok. Now let's hope it keeps up.


  1. New territory! Congratulations. I know how it's easy to look for signs, but the best one is that heartbeat. Everything crossed for what comes next!

  2. Oh that is SO awesome! I'm beyond thrilled for you!!!

    I think maybe the universe has taken a kind turn....I'm 4w4days right now! First time and beyond scared....but trying to be positive and hope for the best. I'm saving blog posts to draft for now, since mine isn't so anonymous.

    All hail Ceiling Cat!

    1. Holy smokes, congratulations!! Can't wait to read all those saved posts. In the meantime, sending positive energy your way!

    2. Thank you so much!!! I am SO excited, and thrilled that things are going well for you now! You deserve every bit of this happiness.