Friday, September 2, 2011

I've got a beef. And some hypothyroidism.

4:59pm. I kid you not. That is when the nurse from my OB's office decided to inform me that my thyroid was apparently in need of some supplementation. I asked her to please fax the prescription to my pharmacy before she left so that I could pick it up tonight. We are going away for the weekend, PLUS it's labour day (oh, the irony) so nothing will be open again til Tuesday.

She faxed it alright. I called the pharmacy to make sure. Only thing is, there is a typo in the prescription. Apparently the stated dosage (0.03) does not exist. Did they mean 0.05? Or 0.025? Unknown.

The pharmacy calls the OB back (it's now 5:05pm). No one there. They try calling my family doctor. No answer. The walk-in clinic that requested the blood test for me - nobody. Really? The emergency walk-in clinic is ALSO closed? Well fuck me sideways.

I guess I will just have to wait until Tuesday. Of course I will not google "hypothyroidism and miscarriage" in the meantime. No, I wouldn't do that...


  1. Urgh that's annoying.
    I googled it for you. You're fine. No direct links. Only problems with ovulation (which you have obviously overcome!) So enjoy the long weekend. All will be well!

  2. Thanks, Mo! I am in the middle of the Canadian desert (not kidding, it exists) with no interwebs other than iPhone. Thanks for being my designated Googler! I know you would be very thorough about such things and am relieved you didn't find anything worrying.

  3. grrrrr how frustrating!!!

  4. Is there an emergency line doctor on call at your office? With mine I can reach a doctor at 3 am if need me.