Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ticker Time

As an infertile, I find pregnancy tickers particularly obnoxious. It is a daily reminder of how that preggo is that much closer to the goal than me. Admittedly, it is a jealousy thing. I secretly find tickers really fun and just wish I could have one myself. I suppose I could have gotten one for TTC'ing, but I think I was saving the fun reward for when I was actually knocked up.

Well now's the time. I don't think this is a chemical pregnancy, so I should be feeling knocked up for at least a few more weeks, hopefully longer. During this time, I will take full pleasure in my super tacky, girly, cheesy ticker. Because I can.


  1. Holy crap! I can't believe you actually did that! Please just promise me this: If you start comparing your baby to fruit, you will allow me to punch you. Just once. That's not asking for much, right?
    *gives in and lets you enjoy this because you deserve it*

  2. I did it because it felt kinda wrong.

  3. enjoy every little second!!!! bring on the cheese!

  4. Ha! I love it! Why shouldn't you enjoy every minute if this process? Congratulations on the tacky ticker, I hope it's only the first of many silly joys you choose to indulge in throughout this process. You've earned them! :-)

  5. Just wanted to say deserve it and should enjoy everything about it :)