Sunday, March 4, 2012

In the thick of it

Progesterone suppositories - not as bad as I thought, not that great either.

I've been on them for 3 days now and they are not as leaky as I thought, but still some of it comes out (more so during the day when I'm moving around). The part I dislike the most is how they leave this thick paste inside, which makes me afraid to engage in marital activity for fear it would seriously gross out the hubbs. Plus, the thickness would probably make lube necessary, and then the two will mix and be even more gross...

The only other complaint about them so far is the bloating/constipation. I already feel fat as it is, having gained about 15 pounds since the last miscarriage. This is not helping my self esteem.

On the bright side, look at this beautiful *almost normal* chart! This cycle would be under 40 days long (although I'm hoping it goes for 9 months).

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  1. Nice chart! And holy shit you sound just like me the way you describe all the potential grossness. I love it!