Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Typical Sunday

This Sunday could have been special. It could have been different and exciting and wonderful. But it is just an ordinary Sunday, the same as last week and the week before that.

I am 11DPO and decided it was time to peek on a stick. It was positive. I did not feel joy or surprise or anything for that matter. I was mostly "meh" about it.

I went over to hubbs and told him. He gave me the customary hug and smile.

We went about the rest of our day.

Being the fourth time around, it doesn't mean anything anymore. Which is probably a good thing. If it meant as much as it did the first time, I would not be ready to handle another loss.



  1. I am sending positive thoughts your way!!!

  2. Lots of positive thoughts for you!!

  3. Lots and lots of positive thoughts, vibes, prayers your way! Really hoping this one will stick for the entire 9 months!

  4. Thinking of you! I know the next weeks and months are going to be hard, but sending you nothing but the absolute stickiest best thoughts I can muster.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me that you can become desensitized to the two pink lines. 11dpo is excellent. This is how all pregnancies start and the early positive is a great sign. Great thoughts as this one unfolds.

  6. Saw your comment on Mrs. Misfit's blog and wanted to reach out to you and send you encouragement. Remember you have done everything you can and this is the point where you the "just don't know and that's okay" mentality has to take over. Trying to convince yourself "I'm definitely pregnant and going to paint the nursery next week" or "I'll definitely miscarry" can only give you more heartache and worry. Just be in the limbo and let that be okay. It won't change the outcome.

    That said, are you going to have a blood test soon?

    1. Thanks, I will try my best to take your advice. I know there's no use convincing yourself one way or the other...

      I haven't gotten a blood test yet because I tested at home so early I wanted to wait a bit in case it was a chemical. I already had an OB appointment for next week to follow up on how this cycle went, so I will just get the OB to send me for the tests (if I am still pregnant at that point).