Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Normal Female

I had my "clomid follow up" appointment at the OB today, which became a pregnancy appointment. She wanded me and we saw a gestational sac and yolk sac, right on track for 5 weeks. I will have another scan in two weeks to see if this one is going to make it any further than previous pregnancies.

IN OTHER NEWS... we finally got the karyotype results back from preg-fail #3. Normal female. I know that it is theoretically better for it to have been genetically abnormal so as to explain the miscarriage, but I actually feel better about this. Now I know we are capable of producing a normal human, and it is just a matter of keeping it alive for 9 months. Hopefully this time the synthroid and progesterone suppositories will assist with that. Am I right?

I thought I would be affected by knowing the sex of the baby I lost, but it hasn't really changed anything. I feel like I couldn't possibly feel any worse about it, and knowing an additional fact will not make a difference.

Alright, gotta keep truckin'. Armed with $500 worth of suppositories, I am feeling pretty good about my chances.

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  1. I'm dying for an update!!!! I so hope things are well....