Thursday, May 3, 2012


Thanks to You tube I have mastered the art of dopplering. I can now find the heartbeat within a minute. It is way lower than I thought - almost in the forested pubic region. It's pretty cool that I can do it every day and have that peace of mind. Truly magical.

So, with this new found source of confidence, I put up a cheesy ticker. Actually, I put up two. I figure I have to make up for the months I should have still had a ticker going in previous pregnancies.

Not everything is sunshine and roses, though. I got a blood test for anemia and thyroid (both problems I have had for some time). The thyroid came back great, but the anemia is the worst it has ever been. This is not surprising as it is common in pregnancy, but still I am  so frustrated because I put so much effort into eating right to maximize my iron. The other frustrating thing is that, once again, my doctor is MIA. I only know these test results because I signed up for the online program where you can check yourself. If I was not so tech savvy, I would still be unaware of the problem. Is she even going to call me about it or is the report sitting somewhere on the bottom of a large pile of things to be ignored? Can I get some supplements or something? This is why I am going to probably switch to a midwife. I don't know why, but I have an impression that they would be more responsive than this.

In other news, nausea has subsided except for early morning and late evening. No complaints.

Wow. I can't believe we are still in the game.

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  1. Which doppler and how early did you start? I've been desperately avoiding getting one, but my resolve is weakening..... would love all the info you care to share!