Monday, June 23, 2014

Pillbox Overflowing

I went to see a naturopath today to get some advice on specific supplements to take for balancing my hormones. I got some pretty good information which I hope will make the $300 bill worth it in the end.

One interesting thing she told me was that progesterone can get converted into cortisol when you are under stress. That could explain why I was taking my progesterone suppositories but still miscarried - the progesterone was getting converted into cortisol because I was under insane stress between husband's cancer issues and my own fears about the pregnancy. So my body was "stealing" the progesterone that I need to make cortisol... goddam body.

Here's a good article that explains this effect:

She gave me some supplements to help with stress management and overall fertility. Here's what's in my pillbox right now:

AM: Synthroid
Noon: Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Stress-B Complex, Folic Acid, prenatal multivitamin
Afternoon: EPA (fish oil), vitex
PM: Iron (Hemoplex), Vitamin D

In addition to those vitamins, I will be taking these other supplements/foods:

Follicular phase: 1 tbsp each of pumpkin seeds and ground flaxseeds, 10 drops of lingonberry
Luteal phase: 1 tbsp each of sesame and sunflower seeds, evening primrose oil, 10 drops of crabapple

I will be doing castor oil baths as often as possible. I will not be consuming any soy or raw broccoli/cauliflower family vegetables.

This is going to be tedious to say the least.

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