Saturday, June 14, 2014

What's that in the fridge?

I started bleeding yesterday. It was fairly painless, no more so than a regular period, so I thought the worst was yet to come when I would actually pass the tissue that had been growing inside.

Before going to bed I emptied my Diva cup (best thing ever, btw) and to my great surprise found a 5 week embryo inside. I can't believe the whole thing with all of the attached tissue came out without me really feeling it. I guess my cervix thought nothing of it, having previously delivered a 7 pound baby.

It had conveniently collected in my Diva cup and I was able to transfer it into a little container to bring to the lab on Monday. I'm pretty sure it will come back normal but it doesn't hurt to check. They're only open weekdays so I have to keep it in the fridge for a couple of days. It is in a little rubbermaid container wrapped in three sheets of paper towel inside a thick ziplock bag that says "DO NOT TOUCH".

This is so sad and disgusting and bizarre that I find it funny.

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