Sunday, February 6, 2011

And the Blog Oscar goes to...

I'd like to thank my friends and family, my manager, the rest of the cast and crew, and my cosmetic dentist. I couldn't have done this without you!

That's right, I am the recipient of a blog award! HUGE thanks to Jenny for nominating me. The rules say I'm to aknowledge the person that awarded me, post seven random things about myself and then to pass the award on to 15 other bloggers (and of course to let the awardees know I have done so).  Sooooo... here we go:

Seven random things about me:

1. If I weren't a lawyer, I would be a welder. I can work with oxy-acetylene, stick, TIG and MIG torches.

2. I speak 4 languages fluently, but can only read/write in 2 of them.

3. I didn't have armpit hair until I was 24.

4. I have watched Days of Our Lives every day for the last 14 years (thank you PVR).

5. I hate travelling, going to museums, and suntanning, but do it anyway because apparently I'm supposed to.

6. My cat has his own Facebook profile.

7. I like to eat whole onions raw. Amazingly, this has not led to divorce... yet.

And the awards go to:
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Thanks to all of these ladies for making me feel slightly less alone in the world. 


  1. Hey - your list of 7 is really interesting! Really, no armpit hair until 24? You freak. Very impressed about the languages as well. Also, glad to see AF finally arrived, even if she did disturb your plans for early-morning nookie.

  2. Oh! I just saw this! (been a crazy week and haven't had time to catch up)

    Thanks so so much! I feel honored, and would like to thank the academy. I'll post mine in a couple of days.


  3. Hey, I've also read your entire blog and we do have a lot in common :) I love love cats too, but I also love travelling LOL. I am a bit older though. We started our TTC journey when I was 26 (yep TTC, have never gotten to TTCTT stage). I work in a boutique firm, so chances of any partners finding my blog and connecting the dots are slim to none :). And by the way, 2ww is counted from the day of ovulation, so you should have the same 2ww as everyone :) - sorry, couldn't resist, it's the lawyer in me LOL

  4. Dammit, you are so right about the 2WW thing. What a rookie mistake! So what happens if you don't ovulate that cycle (i.e. anovulatory) - then the whole thing is just one really long wait, but not 2WW? Bah, I just hate waiting!