Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eff you, Hollywood

Shows that I have attempted to watch recently, that have surprised me with miscarriage storylines:

Rescue Me - who would have guessed that abrasive comedian Denis Leary would have written a miscarriage storyline? Of course, he doesn't go half way on anything. The character then proceeds to stuff her face with food and get a fat belly so that the father doesn't suspect anything is wrong.

The Tudors - Ann Bolyen has 2 miscarriages, is unable to deliver a male heir to King Henry VIII, and is promptly beheaded. Thanks assholes, I really appreciated the images of a second trimester loss.

Big Love - I thought I could rely on this show to deliver (pardon the pun) a series of happy uneventful births, and yet they had to throw in a miscarriage. And for Amanda Seyfried's character OF ALL PEOPLE. If you can't trust polygamists, who can you trust?

Grey's Anatomy - I saw the miscarriage episode and haven't watched the show since. My PVR is filling up and I'm pretty sure I'm just going to delete all subsequent episodes as I've heard there is currently another pregnancy storyline.

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