Saturday, July 9, 2011

He got me right in the shins

Wow, I don't remember acupuncture hurting this much. I suppose it didn't "hurt" so much as ached. He put a needle in each foot, ankle, hand and shin (sort of towards the upper part of the shin near the knee cap), and also a needle at the top of my head (wtf). Then he told me to "just relax" (grrr!!!) and try to fall asleep, and left me there for 30 mins.

Relaxation was not really an option. I felt awkward because I couldn't move from that position and I am a very fidgety person. I can't just lay in one place without my back starting to hurt, so I was trying to stretch myself in various directions without messing with the needles. Then, every once in a while, one of the spots would randomly start to pulsate and ache a lot - I don't know why, I didn't do anything to trigger it. I could especially feel it in the ones in my shins because my knees were slightly bent over a pillow, and I guess the blood was flowing fast downstream into my shins.

I was so glad it was over. But even then, for the rest of the day I could feel those spots on my body ache a little. Is this how it is supposed to feel? Am I being a wussy, or does this guy suck?


  1. Awww that sucks! I can't say if it's you or the acupuncture, never having had it. And I wouldn't be a good judge, as I've even fallen asleep while donating blood ;)

  2. hate that it didn't work for you. my guy tells me to let him know if anything starts to feel uncomfortable because it shouldn't and it sounds like you are getting them in the same places i was including the top of my head and all my probs. stemmed from me fidgeting to much. but it got better over time as i became more relaxed about the situation and a cup of chamomile tea probably wouldn't hurt either. good luck on your future endeavors.

  3. There are times when a needle hurts coming in - something about the meridians and how the connect and some other bla bla.
    But my needle guy loosens the needles a bit if they hurt and then it goes away. Did you tell the guy that you were in pain? if you did and he ignored it, I say find someone else.

  4. Ouch! I've never had a painful acupuncture experience but I will say that I feel some of the needles more than others. So long as it wasn't really painful I'd probably assume it was my energy moving and take it as a positive. When energy gets stuck or has been stuck when it finally sarts flowing again you can definiely notice something. I am no acupuncture expert though so see what your guy says.