Friday, July 15, 2011

Pokery - Round 2, and the Waiting Game

Ok, second round of acupuncture was much better than the first, even though he actually put in way more needles this time. In addition to the ones in my arms/legs I also had a bunch in the lower belly region (ironically, hubbs used to refer to this area of my body as the "fertile belly valley"... sigh).

I can't say I was super comfortable, but there was no pain this time, and generally very little discomfort. Still having a difficult time not moving for 30 mins, but we can work on the necessary mental stamina.

It has been about 2 weeks of this treatment with herbs and acupuncture, and I don't expect immediate results when going the natural route, but I am starting to fear that it is actually having the opposite effect than intended. I am now on CD 20 and I typically start to get some stretchy CM around this time, but right now all I'm getting is thick creamy stuff. I know that might be reading way too much into things at this point, but hell, what is an infertile girl to do but over-analyze?

I am starting to wonder whether trying to shorten my cycle to 28 days is even desirable. The last three cycles it was consistently around 45 days, so couldn't that just be my "normal"? If I am ovulating and have a normal luteal phase, what is the basis for absolutely requiring it to be 28 days? Perhaps so the ND can make a few bucks off me? Hrrrrmmmmm.

On the bright side, this creamy CM indicates that ovulation will not occur for a while which is good because I have no sperm source until next week. When hubbs returns he will be around for like 2 months straight, so we should (fingers crossed) be able to time things right this cycle.

In the meantime, people need to keep posting blog entries for me to read to distract myself from how long this is taking! Think about it - if I ovulate on CD 35, that means that today (CD 20) is actually like a typical CD 1. Can you imagine having to wait 20 days for your cycle to actually "start" after every period? It's amazing I haven't gone entirely mad (yet).

This is my life clock. It is slow right now:

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