Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nothing but Fish

As DPO 5 is coming to a close, I have nothing to report on the baby front. Nada. I thought my left nipple was sore for a second but realized I had just spilled hot tea on myself and it was burning through my shirt. A bit of constipation yesterday, but again, that could have been the whole milk hot chocolate I unadvisedly (is that a word?) consumed after lunch. Having said all that, I realize that it is silly to expect any symptoms prior to implantation (if it happens) which would be a few days from now.

Something interesting did happen two nights ago. Last week I was perusing a message board where someone mentioned an old wives tale that if you dream about a fish then you are pregnant. Then a bunch of people responded with various alternate versions of this, like, if your mother dreams about a fish, or if you dream about fish three times, or if your mother dreams about you eating a fish, or... you get the picture.

So of course my reaction to this thread is - Bulllllllll Cheeeeeeet! Obviously it is a silly superstition, and now that I have read about it and discredited it, I will not have such a dream.

Sure enough, a few days later I had a fish dream. It was the most vivid dream I have had in a long time (I generally don't remember my dreams at all). In this dream, I had purchased some filets of cod or halibut... something that's not salmon... and got it packed in the special paper they use at the deli. But as soon as it was in my hands I could feel the fish liquids escaping through the paper and making my hands stinky, so I walked super fast to wherever I was going, which turned out to be my grandma's house (it looked nothing like her actual house, but in my dream I knew it was her kitchen). I put the fish down on the counter and said I was going to cook it now, but she was already dressed in her apron and said she would take care of it. I said no, this is my fish and I want to cook it myself because you don't know how I like to prepare it.

That's the last of the dream I remember. Pretty weird, huh? I guess I outsmarted myself subconsciously.


  1. I just wanted to say that your bit about spilling coffee down your shirt was *directly* responsible for my spewing mine all over my keyboard this morning. So thanks for that! :-)

    It appears that you and I are cycle buddies- this is also DPO 5 for me. And I agree. It's too soon for pregnancy symptoms. Unfortunately!

    I swear, I had no idea at the beginning of this process that I would ever have the slightest interest in my own bodily fluids, much less the inclination to poke myself in the boob to try and ascertain if I'm feeling tender.

    Why don't they include THAT type of information in high school sex-ed? I'm pretty sure that had I known it would've gone much further in moderating my behavior!

  2. LOL. Hot tea causing nipple hurtage. You funny me. But now you're got me all "looking for fish dreams" and stuff.

  3. I spit out a bit of MY tea when I read the comment about nipple pain and hot tea. You crack me up!