Friday, August 5, 2011

What a Week

On Saturday morning we set off to the Oregon coast for a brief beach getaway. It was, as they say, AMAZEBALLS. We rented a really nice house on the beach (for a very decent price, btw), and spend our days hanging out at the beach, exploring nearby towns, and drinking much sangria. I am not a person who enjoys travelling, and I rarely feel the desire to revisit places I have travelled to, but the Oregon coast is an exception. I will happily return there again and again.

We drove back across the border on Tuesday night, and I was supposed to go to work Wednesday morning. However, upon waking up on Wednesday I was exhausted from the sun and long drive and just couldn't drag myself to the office. Since I knew many other people were away and I would have nothing to do, I "called in sick". The thing is, I don't actually need to inform anyone that I will not be coming in - I send an email to a few people out of courtesy. Anyway, this one chicka emails back "hope you're feeling better soon... btw, classic move". Translation = I don't think you're actually sick.

I don't know why, but this really pissed me off for the rest of the day, thereby spoiling my extra day of fun. Technically she is correct, I am not in fact "sick", but she doesn't know that. What if I was? And in any event, that's the sort of thing you think to yourself, but don't actually say unless you're the boss and you suspect an employee is playing hookie.

I came in to work at 7am yesterday and today, and I have gotten all of my work done on time. Then today another guy made a snide remark about it, and I totally lost it. I basically told him that I didn't think it was funny, and that he didn't know anything about my situation, and then I stormed out and went for a 15 minute walk while sobbing. Overreaction! OK, but seriously?? I am here at least 10 hours per day, sometimes more. I come in on weekends and holidays all the time. I am entitled to take a day off without all this hassle from everyone. Go fuck yourselves, you twats.

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