Saturday, June 11, 2011


For my own records before I forget (and for anyone who might actually be interested), these are observations about how I feel three months into the GF diet:

  • Going #2 twice a day without needing to ingest copious amounts of fibre. As opposed to once every few days before.
  • Able to digest multi-vitamins containing iron.
  • Gas emissions have been lowered from constant to almost non-existent. I'm like an electric car. It's amazing I still have friends considering how farty I have been the last 25 years.
  • Cycles have become shorter and more predictable, and all ovulatory so far. The one before GF was anovulatory.
  • No more patches of EWCM that do not correspond to ovulation.
  • Clear skin except when consuming dairy (note to self - stop consuming dairy).
  • Hands and feet not cold anymore.
  • Fewer back spasms/pain.
  • Consistent energy throughout the day.
  • Require less sleep to feel rested.
  • Fewer sugar cravings (though I still enjoy my chocolate on occasion).
Still Problematic
  • Dry, itchy skin and scalp.
  • Sperm has not met egg.

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