Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello? Anybody out there?

I don't know if anybody still reads this thing, what whatever. If you do, rest assured that even though I haven't posted in ages I have been actively following YOU.

The lack of posts can be explained by a fun mix of reasons:
  1. I went on a 3 week epic vacation to NYC and Israel and had no interest in thinking about this stuff;
  2. I am a lazy bastard;
  3. because I have been following others in the meantime, I have seen many of you have great baby success and felt somewhat discouraged.
Over time I recovered from the initial sting of seeing other people's ultrasounds. I took my time to deal and now I am ready to resurface. I am now able to see that other people's successes are actually a good thing - if others are finally experiencing success after a seemingly impossible journey, then so can I.

I am also realizing based on others' experiences that it usually is just a matter of time. My problem right now is not necessarily that I can't have children, it's that I can't have them RIGHT THIS MINUTE!! Well, honestly, that's a first world problem and I need to get past the stupid impatience. A fitting quote I recently came across:


  1. hi! welcome back! I've got you on my google reader so I've been checking in on occasion. First - great quote.
    consider yourself thoroughly scolded!

  2. Hahah, yes, I spent most of my time in Israel on the beach trying to block everything and everyone out of my mind, but I guess I should have made an exception for you =)

    By the way, it IS true. Everyone in Israel is pregnant, AND still breastfeeding the last baby, AND chasing after a 3 year old. There must be something in the water... and I want to consume it too.

  3. Oh honey, if there was something in the water, I'd be drinking like there was no tomorrow. Urgh.
    But - you are forgiven. :-P