Friday, June 17, 2011

Lift-off confirmed

Woohoo! Ovulation has been confirmed for the third cycle in a row!

As previously mentioned, this cycle will not result in a baby as the sperm provider was on a business trip the last two weeks. However, this is very good news nonetheless. Firstly, it means that my body is working better than before. Secondly it gives me some indication as to what is not working as perfectly as it should, and some ideas as to what I might need to do fix it. Let me explain.

From charting the last several cycles, I have been able to confirm that I have a decent luteal phase of 12 days. Who knows if I had a normal LP before going gluten free, but I certainly do now. The abnormality lies in my follicular phase length, which is averaging about 34 days. Dr. Google suggests that a very long follicular phase may result in over mature eggs and a uterine lining that is too thick, creating a higher chance of miscarriage. I haven't been able to confirm this with a real medical professional yet (in fact, all of my doctors have stated that a long cycle is not a problem as long as you are ovulating.) Sooo... I dunno, it seems like it couldn't hurt to try and shorten the FP?

I don't think that Clomid is necessarily the best first choice right now, because I've seen a lot of charts of people who take Clomid and their cycle is still really long, or gets even longer than before. The only thing that I've been able to find that has consistently helped people to shorten the FP is false unicorn root (which, frankly, sounds really freaky and mystical), so I will ask my naturopath about this when we meet to discuss the results of my hormone panel test.

If anyone has had a similar problem with really long follicular phase, please share any wisdom you may have. Thanks and peace out.

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