Monday, June 6, 2011

There is more to life than this

It's natural to get fixated on troubles in your life. If you don't concentrate on your problems, you'll have a tough time solving them. But there comes a point where being driven and focussed turns into tunnel vision, blocking out all the wonderful things that are concurrently taking place around you.

If you catch yourself falling into this trap, or if someone is kind enough to point out your total lack of perspective, you gotta snap out of it. For me, this happened today as I packed up my stuff on the way home from work. I turned past office window and caught a glimpse of sailboats on the Burrard inlet. The sun still beaming bright despite it being 7pm. In the foreground, the Olympic torch was lit in support of the Canucks playing game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

I walked home in my comfy Birkenstock sandals, past crowds of jersey-clad fans watching the game on jumbo screen TV's set up along the downtown streets. The atmosphere is electric. What a fucking epic day. I haven't forgotten my problems completely, but they have taken a back seat for a while and it feels nice.

* The Canucks promptly got slaughtered 8-1. Also, the forecast calls for rain tomorrow. Oh well, you can't have everything!

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