Saturday, June 18, 2011

No offense - really.

I'm almost afraid to post this because I don't want to sound like a total bitch, but this is meant to be more of a "wow, I can't believe I'm having these horrible thoughts" rather than an evil rant. I swear.

This is a shout out to certain bloggers out there whose pages I have scanned recently and not added to my reader. Please do not be offended (ha! as if anyone actually cares). You are all excellent, brilliant, caring individuals, but something about where you are in this IF process is too much for me to handle on a daily basis.

I'm talking specifically about bloggers who are currently undergoing IUI, IVF, FET, or have already tried so many acronyms that it's time to take a break. Your blogs scare me and make me lose the dwindling bit of hope I have that I am soooo special, and that things will resolve quickly for me. They may not. They probably will not... a year in and all I have to show for it is 2 dead babies. But right now I need to indulge irrational optimism, also known as "hope".

So I'm sorry I can't add you to my reader just yet. I already have some blogs on my reader list that fall into the same category but I've become attached to them and continue to read them as a sort of reality check on my optimism. As a mean teenage girl would say, "no offense, but" I hope I don't ever reach the point where your stories become the most relatable for me. BUT, if when that is my fate, I will come crawling on my hands and knees for you to accept me.

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