Friday, June 10, 2011

Losing Sleep

There will not be much sleeping tonight thanks to screaming crowds and honking car horns outside my building. As mentioned in a previous post, the city has gone hockey mad. Tonight the Canucks won 1-0 and are one game away from winning the Cup. I'm sure even those who have never been to Canada know by our reputation how much that means to people.

So I definitely will not be getting a restful slumber like I normally do before the weekend. That's OK. I'm pretty sure that even without the pandemonium outside I would be keeping myself up thinking about all kinds of other statistics, such as:

...Had a positive OPK today which is good...probably a 46 day cycle this time... means the GF diet is working or something is making me function consistently better. A period in 4 out of the last 5 months, beating last year's abysmal total of 3 periods... (3 periods? insert hockey pun here)...

...Ok, that's good. But that definitely means no conception this cycle as Hubbs is away until next weekend. That's ok. That's ok. If this is going to be a consistent cycle length, then he will be in town during the next opportunity. Shit, looking at the calendar, that will be almost exactly one year since the first time we conceived in 2010. I guess that's supposed to make me upset? It really doesn't. I've gotten knocked up twice in that one year so the stats are not all negative...

On a totally different note, I should have the saliva hormone test results within a few weeks and can maybe get some treatment to speed things up even more? Hmm... in any event, will not get full mat leave unless the due date is more than a year from now (btw, how fucking ridiculous is that? I have been with this firm since September 2010, but because they only hired me to "officially" start a permanent position on June 14 (i.e. next week), I will not be eligible for full mat leave benefits until I've worked past June 14, 2012). Bastards. I don't care, I will take a pay cut, hell I'll PAY to have a baby before then...

And so the mind keeps running and running, and I can't get to sleep. So I log back into FertilityFriend and obsess over these:

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