Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gluten free, cycle three - it rhymes!

On the last episode of TCC Gluten Free (that rhymes too!) I had just experienced my first "normal" length cycle of 44 days. It remained to be seen whether this was merely a fluke, or the beginning of a trend of improvement. I am happy to report that cycle two after going off the glutes was also a relatively decent length of 46 days, and it was probably delayed a bit by the stress of travelling for 3 weeks.

I am currently on CD 29 of GF (gluten free) cycle number 3 and my CM indicates that it should again be in the range of 45 days or so (I hope).

The only downside to all of this is that last cycle we had a BFN (I blame the travelling and being sick for a week after ovulation). Also, this cycle hubbs is out of town for what looks to be the prime baby making time, so that's 2 quality cycles down the drain. I am hoping this summer will be more productive.

In other news, I am taking this hormone panel test through my ND which requires that I collect 11 saliva samples throughout the length of my cycle. Here is a website that summarizes the test:

Basically, the samples get sent off to the lab where they will determine what hormone deficiency or overproduction is causing the irregular cycles. I am not sure if my ND will be able to do anything with this information because I have always been this way and I feel like my body is just innately messed up, but for $300 I'm willing to give it a try. In the meantime, I am collecting these little tubes of saliva every few days. Very attractive to be spitting into a receptacle for an hour (yes, it takes that long to collect). Has anyone out there done this test? Did it lead to anything useful?

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