Thursday, June 30, 2011


On Tuesday I finaly got a message from the ND about that hormone test I took. The receptionist left a message to this effect:

"Hi, it's Melissa from the ND's office. We received your hormone test results and the doctor would like to see you RIGHT AWAY. Well, actually, he's not available until Friday, and there is only one appointment at 3:30 so it might have to wait til next week if you can't make it then. So... um... I guess give me a call back and we'll set a time."

What. The. Bloody. Eff.

Thanks, Melissa. Thanks for leaving a vague and ominous message for which I will not be able to get an explanation until 3 days later. I will now spend the next 3 sleepless nights googling every possible hormone disorder known to humankind and diagnosing myself with each one. I will become completely dysfunctional at work and withdrawn from my friends and family. I will start regretting every decision I have made in life which delayed our TTC efforts and kicking myself for not realizing that my wacky cycles were a serious medical problem (to be fair, my doctor has always said it was not a problem). Then my self-loathing will take a different turn as I realize what an ungrateful self-absorbed asshole I am for thinking my problems are so horrible when they are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things.

Oh, Melissa. I hope for your sake that your shift ends before 3:30 tomorrow.

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  1. Stop it! Seriously - this Melissa chick was way out of line and insensitive. Anyone would go crazy in the same situation. Hang in until friday and keep us posted!