Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eleven in 2011

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. I have been inspired to copy one of my favourite blogger's posts and list my 11 goals for 2011:

  1. Blog blog blog. I realize that this is the best outlet for my stress/anxiety/stupid ideas because I get to say whatever I want without any real life consequences. I must continue to do this regularly so as to meet goal #11.
  2. Photography! I am taking a beginnners black and white photography class in January and after that I hope to do the digital class to learn how to make photos even prettier. I have been interested in photography since high school, but I didn't have room for it in my timetable back then (chose to take useless academic courses). I believe I have a keen eye for good photos, just lack the technical skills. I hope to get really good at it so I can post cool artsy/family photos on this blog (especially if I am able to accomplish goal #11).
  3. Namaste. Yoga is key to my physical health (i.e. back pain, poor circulation, inflexibility, toxin buildup), but also to my mental health, both of which are important for goal #11 below. Yoga will help me achieve all of my goals because it reminds me to "set an intention" for the moment, the day, and for my life. My goal is to attend at least once a week, but preferrably twice.
  4. Lose the 5 pounds I gained last year after the first pregnancy. I hope that I am unable to meet this goal because I will be successfully carrying a kitten to term as per goal #11.
  5. Stress less, you silly mess. This will be key to achieving goal #11. I recently saw a TV doctor say something clever (amazing!) - difficult situations happen to everyone, whether they are stressful is a choice we make in responding to them. I have made the first step in fighting stress - admitting that I have a problem. The next steps will be to choose not to let difficult situations stress me out by doing all the other things on this list.
  6. Get hired back at the BigFirm after my probationary period expires in March. This would be really helpful in paying for any kittens I am able to produce as per goal #11.
  7. Shop less, read more! Last year's pathetic goal of reading 4 non-law books is at risk of being missed. I am currently at 3.5 as of December 31. Next year I vow to read 5. Reading more will hopefully result in less time for useless expenditures of money.
  8. Shop less, save more! I would like to save more than I spend this year. Considering I pay the mortgage and strata fees, this may prove to be a challenge. However, on a lawyer's salary I think it could be done. This is what 7 years of post-secondary education was for, after all.
  9. TCOMF - that is, Take Charge of My Fertility. I recently started charting and taking a billion different supplements. My goal this year is to, at the very least, figure out what the fuck is wrong down there and how I can fix it. If I can't get to #11 this year, I hope to at least do this.
  10. Spend more time with my grandparents. I used to see them at least on a weekly basis. I think the plan this year will be to visit every Saturday morning. This way they always know I will visit and can stop calling me at the most inopportune times.
  11. Get knocked the fuck up and stay that way for 9 solid months.
Wow, that was easy! I hope achieving these goals will be as easy as coming up with them.


  1. Stopping by from LFCA to welcome you to the IF blogosphere! I too have found blogging to be incredibly therapeutic throughout our journey! Hope you're able to find success with the goals that you have for 2011. 2010 sucked a lot for us too and we're hopeful that this New Year brings more happiness our way. Best of luck to you on your journey to build a family!

  2. Oh wow, my first comment! This is very exciting, thank you. And thanks for the good wishes - I wish the same luck and success for you. You have gone through so much and deserve to have the best 2011 imaginable =)

  3. Very cool ... stopping by from LFCA to say welcome. I have a hard time goal setting, but honestly, I think I like #9 the most ... taking charge is totally do-able, even if reading 4 novels, er ... isn't. (Speaking as a former English major who probably read three herself this year. Doh.)

  4. Thanks for visiting, Justine. I, too, am a former English major. Pretty much all of the novels I have read were required for school and not from my own initiative... kinda sad.