Friday, January 14, 2011

Shallow thoughts of the week

I realized that my earlier post about Posh and Becks having their 4th was a rather shallow comment. However, since it is unlikely that I will stop having such shallow thoughts, and since I really have no intention of censoring myself, I thought why not embrace the shallowness?

And so, I present to you this weekly segment (which could easily be daily), titled "Shallow Thoughts of the Week".

This week saw some high traffic of shallow thoughts running through my mind. Here are some of the highlights:
  •  I want to be pregnant again so that my acne will go away (as it had the previous two times).
  • We were out for dinner the other night and beside us were 2 tables of people for someone's birthday party. It looked like a lot of them were family and a few friends. All of them were either horribly ugly, obese, or both. Cue shallow thought of "why do these ugly sub-humans get to spawn like vermin and I do not?" 


  1. Egads - I have these thoughts more often than I care to admit. Usually after I see some feral couple screaming at one another in some public location while their 17 kids run amuck. These people usually have a cigarette hanging out of their face while they yell, and a bottle in their hands and very 80's attire. I hate them and their overly productive bits.

    Strangely enough - my last pregnancy appears to have fixed my acne for good (so far). That, or perhaps my face decided 30 was a reasonable age to cease looking like an angsting teen.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment! :-) I also have shallow thoughts and definitely share the acne one with you! For the very few weeks that I was pregnant, my skin was AWESOME! Now it's back to it's normal greasy pimply self. Yay.