Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time Warp

My watch broke today, so when I thought it was 2 it was already 3. It was like I got to jump through time into the future. I really wish I had that ability today.

A few days ago I had what appeared to be a positive OPK. Several days of temping later, the pattern is still unclear. Today I had the highest temp ever, so it's possible, but not certain whether I ovulated (I'm on CD 45 by the way). Only time will tell, and so I must wait.

My first OB appointment to deal with all this crap is next Wednesday. I don't know what, if anything, will happen as a result. I may be told to just go home and keep boning my stud, or I may be bombarded with a million tests and treatments. Only time will tell.

I considered distracting myself from the arduous waiting by focusing on my career. The only issue is that I am working super hard but there is no guarantee that the firm will keep me on after March. It all depends on the economy and whether we get enough major deals in the next couple months to justify more people working. Only time will tell.

Yes, I'm whining about having to wait a few days/months. I know people have had to wait for longer, sometimes forever. No, I will not just relax and enjoy living in the moment. The moment is fine, but it's not where I ultimately want to be. If I were that kind of person I would have settled for a lot less a long time ago. Now excuse me as I have some watch shopping to do.

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