Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pro-very Sick

When I decided to finish my course of Provera last week and take the weekend to recuperate, I may have jinxed myself.

Friday night I took the last pill as planned around dinner time. I was looking forward to the subsidence of bloating and insomnia, but really, I should know better by now! By Saturday afternoon I was feeling progressively nauseous, and didn't eat anything the entire day (this is completely unheard of - I am a pig). By 6 o'clock I was lying prostrate on the sofa, unable to move, shivering in cold sweats. I stumbled to the bedroom and fell asleep in my clothes by 8.

I awoke at 5am the next morning and instinctively checked my temperature - 38 degrees celcius!! Shit, that's a serious fever. I rummaged through the medicine cabinet and found some expired Advil (best before, o.k. after? right?).

The lack of non-expired over-the-counter pain killers is a testament to how rarely I use any type of conventional medication. And let me tell you, this Provera experiment has confirmed my hypothesis that drugs are not to be trusted!

So I started thinking about why I'm doing this to myself - my body - the most important asset I have. Basically I took this drug to speed things up a little bit. To shorten this cycle which was already 50 days when I started the pills. So really, I've done this to myself for the sake of a few days... why? I'm 26. Time is the one thing I've got in this process, but I couldn't appreciate that. I got greedy, and now I'm paying for it. I will not make this mistake again.


  1. So sorry the provera is being so cruel to you! Good on you if you're able to take it back a notch and proceed more slowly.. I would probably be tempted to keep some non-expired non-prescription painkillers on hand just in case thought. Has it at least done the job and ended that mega-cycle yet?

    Also - I've awarded you a blog award (or three?). If you feel like participating the details are over on my page.

  2. Thanks for the award! My first one. This is going to be such fun.

    And the Provera has not worked yet... sigh. It's day 5 after I stopped taking it, so there is still time, but I have felt no cramps or any indication that AF is coming. This makes it seem like even more of a waste.