Thursday, January 20, 2011

I crave [medical] attention

Yesterday was my first specialist appointment at a Gyno office. I was very much looking forward to getting some answers, or at least a plan. The day went totally off the rails, but everything worked out... I think.

My plan was to leave work for my appointment at noon, get physically prodded for an hour, then take the rest of the day off - work has not been very busy of late. Well at around 11 o'clock things exploded. Every single file that I've been working on just went into emergency mode. I had to do two research memos due the next morning, plus help on a deal closing. I made it to the doctor's appointment, but then had to go back to work until 1am. Then this morning I had to come in early to proof-read the poo I had spewed onto paper the night before.

Aside from my spoiled semi-day off, the appointment went as I had hoped/imagined. The only thing that kind of threw me off was that I was attended to by a senior resident (med student) person, and only got to see the doctor at the end when we went over the plan and the medication.

She asked me all the basic questions about my medical history and TTC efforts. Then she said they don't do recurrent miscarriage testing until the 3rd loss (blah blah blah, I know the stupid policy). We agreed that the biggest issue was my ridiculously long cycles, and that we should try to fix that. If that doesn't do the trick, then we'll move on to Clomid etc. We'll also look into possible PCOS.

So I got a prescription for Provera and started taking it last night to end this now 52 day cycle sans ovulation. Woot! I also will have an ultrasound and bloodwork scheduled for all the PCOS tests.

Overall, I would say we are making progress. I feel much more positive now that I have a friggin PLAN.

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