Sunday, January 9, 2011

Houston, we possibly, potentially, maybe have progress

Ok so here's the deal. My cycles have been totally unpredictable my entire life. Anywhere between 2 months (shortest) and 6 months (longest). The 6 month thing has only happened twice: once after I came off the BCP's, and the second time was last year when I was training for a triathlon and probably killed my cycles with extreme exercise. Anyway, this makes ovulation pretty much impossible to predict. 

HOWEVER, the two times I got knocked up, I can calculate based on the HPT's that I ovulated somewhere between CD35 and CD45. Anyway, this cycle I was already past CD 35 and no temperature shift on my chart. So at CD36, I decided to start using OPK's as an additional obsession indicator of ovulation. 

Aaaanyway, the first few days I was getting a second line but it was not nearly as dark as the control line. Day by day, the test line kept getting darker, until yesterday when it appeared to be almost the same darkness as the control line. Then today, back to super light again. 

So, I'm going to interpret this as Humpty Dumpty coming out of his coma and possibly making his way down the tubes. I have my fingers crossed that my temps will shoot up in the next couple of days to confirm this. Oh pleaaaase gawdddd let this be true. The hubby is going to be away for work for pretty much all of February-April, so this is our last chance for a while. Also, it would justify the $65 I dropped on OPK's... Come on ovum!!!

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